Suggestions for your stay

The Eifel: cycling and hiking paradise, beautiful towns, lots of activities

One of our neighbours has a small stable and is specialised in riding lessons for children. We would be delighted to bring you in contact with her.

Activity & City trips

The Eifel is home to some lovely medieval towns and wonderful sightseeing opportunities.

Our tips for cities to visit while you are here are Monschau, Bad Münstereifel and Monreal.

Furthermore we recommend you a number of game parks which are specially suitable for children.

Sightseeing and activity tips: 

LVR – Open air museum Kommern (circa 40 by car) -

Vogelsang ex NAZI training facility (circa 15 minutes by car) -

Boat trip on the Rursee (circa 10 minutes by car) -

Indoor swimming Simmerath -

Nature bathing in Einruhr (circa 15 minutes by car) -

Birds of prey and game park Hellenthal (circa 20 minutes by car) -

Phantasialand funfair Brühl (circa 70 minutes by car) -

Bubenheimer Playground (circa 30 minutes by car) -

Game park Roetgen (15 minutes by car) - https://www.schwarzwildgehege-und-kindergartenwald-roetgen/index.html

Game park and playground Schmidt (circa 25 minutes by car) -

Gamepark Rheinland (circa 45 minutes by car) -

Venn Shuttle (Carservice for Hikers/Cyclists/Rail and Airport Transfer) -

Castle Satzvey in Mechernich (circa 45minutes by car) -

Venn Shuttle (Fahrdienste für Wanderer/Radfahrer/Bahnhof Transfer) -

City trips:

Bad Münstereifel  (circa 45 minutes by car) -

Kornelimünster (circa 25 minutes by car) -

Monschau (10 minutes by car) -

Monreal (circa 60 minutes by car) -

Aachener Dom Cathedral (circa 40 minutes by car) -

Aachener city hall (circa 40 minutes by car) -

Kölner Dom Cathedral (circa 70 minutes by car) -

Trier Roman and medieval city (circa 90 minuten by car) -

General information and tips about the regions:

National park Eifel - 

Regional tourism -

Mobility in the Eifel -

The Rursee lake area -

Walking and hiking -

Museum tour -

Forest, water and wilderness -

Tips and Ideas -

Reading material -

Country culture and shopping directly at the farm -

Rheinland Information -


Cycling in the forest, on the road, dedicated cycling corridors, and mountain climbing. Adventure for every skill and taste.

The Eifel has so many cycling options that there is something to be found for everyone who loves any type of cycling adventure or tour. One of the most famous and attractive cycling opportunities are the old railroads which have been converted into cycling highways. This allows you to discover a mountainous are at your leisure because the gradients are very small.

Walking and hiking

Welcome in the walking and hiking paradise of the Eifel. The area still allows you to walk for hours without meeting anyone.

There are mountains, fields, swamps, rivers, lakes and little towns, with beautiful old farmhouses, all connected by great trails which are well signposted.

Put on your walking boots and enjoy the beautiful landscape and nature. There are trails for every level of experience and every degree of fitness.

We are more than happy to share some recommendations with you. Below you will find a number of sites which present walking and hiking options.

Eating out

The Eifel has restaurants and cafes for every budget and tast

Please find below some of our personal recommendations

Country and traditional German:

            Schroeders Eck in Simmerath (10 minutes by car) -

            Zur Heide in Lichtenbusch (25 minutes by car) -

            Gasthaus Küpper in Widdau (5 minutes by car) -


Belgian cuisine:

            Fringshaus in Roetgen (10 minutes by car) -

            Resto Ternell in Eupen (20 minutes by car) -


Italian cuisine:

            Olive in Imgenbroich (10 minutes by car) -

            Mirabela in Roetgen (15 minutes by car) -


Beer garden:

            Zur Heide in Lichtenbusch (25 minutes by car) -

            Resto Ternell in Eupen (20 minutes by car) -

            Küpper in Widdau (5 minutes by car) -

Sophisticated cuisine:

            Benedikt in Kornelimünster (30 minutes by car) Michelin Star -

            Hotel Horchem in Monschau (15 minutes by car) -


            Eiscafé Dolce Vita in Imgenbroich (10 minutes by car) -

Homemade Italian ice cream:

            Zammatteo in Roetgen (15 minutes by car) -

Groceries and shopping

Les than 10 minutes driving from Hammer you can find shops and markets for all your daily needs

For your daily groceries we recommend the KONSUM in Eicherscheid next to the church. A five-minute drive from Hammer. They have daily fresh rolls, also on Sundays.

In Imgenbroich and Simmerath you will find a large selection of supermarkets and discounters. Please note that many are closed on Saturday afternoon and all close on Sundays.

Butcher artisanale:

            Wilms in Roetgen -


            Kockartz in Roetgen (Kuchen) -

            Haas in Simmerath (Artisanale)


            Speisekammer Roetgen -


            Supermarket KONSUM Eicherscheid (closest to Hammer) -

            REWE in Simmerath -

            EDEKA in Roetgen -

supermarket open all sunday:           

            DelHaize Express -