For our English guests

About the house

The entire building is a listed monument. The oldest parts date back as far as 1745. The entire house has in recent years been renovated. The structure and external has been restored in its old splendour, while the interior has been brought to the highest comfort standard.


                     The house has a total inside surface of 75 square metres, and comprises the following facilities:

  • Living room with underfloor heating, sofa, club chairs, coffee table, dining table and 4 chairs
  • Kitchen with dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave, oven, espresso machine and induction cooker
  • Bathroom with rain shower and double washbasin (ground floor)
  • Room with double bed and washing basin (1st floor)
  • Room with 2 single beds (1st floor)
  • Toilet (ground floor)
  • Outside you have a terrace with a view, a table and chairs at your diposal


  • Hammer is a small village with some 130 inhabitants, fully surrounded by nature conservation areas.
  • Our house is located in a dead-end street with only local traffic.
  • The famous ‘Eifelsteig’ hiking trail from Aachen to Trier is some 100 meters from the house.
  • Within a short walking distance of the house, the Eifel Association have made several well signposted walking trails.
  • The main cycling route from Monschau to the Rur lake (Rursee) runs right in front of the house. This bicycle path gives access to a multitude of other cycling paths in the Eifel mountains. The bicycle paths have mostly been constructed using old railway tracks. Thus, you do not need to be a professional cyclist to be able to get up de hills.
  • The Rur river is approximately 50 meters from the house.
  • We have a selection of brochures and booklets with cycling tours and hiking trails available for you.
  • Information about the history and community of Hammer you find HERE

Pricing and terms

  • The rate is €79,- per night for 2 persons. For every extra person €8,- per night.
  • Your reservation is guaranteed upon receipt of 30% of the total amount for your stay (minimum €100). This payment is to be received within 3 working days after we have confirmed your booking. You can make payments by bank or Paypal.
  • Minimum stay is 3 nights. (6 Nights minimum during the festive season and Catholic holidays)
  • No pets allowed
  • Rates include all taxes and VAT.
  • Rates include electricity and heating.
  • Guests who bring their own bed linen and towels receive a €10,- discount per stay.
  • You pay €35 cleaning costs per stay.
  • You pay cash or with Paypal upon arrival.
  • Our special offer: guests who return, get a 4th night free of charge. This offer is valid outside the main season (May, June, July, August), and provided you make your reservation direct with us on
  • No pets allowed
  • Our general terms
  • Privacy statement


  • We are there to make your stay such that it meets your expectations.
  • In the event you need assistance or if anything has broken down or fials, please contact us without delay.
  • A full inventory list can be found HERE
  • The feeding or petting of cats and wild animals ist stricly forbidden.
  • Smoking inside the house is not allowed. Please do not leave cigarette buts behind in the garden.
  • Inside the house there is a central vacuum cleaning installation and a silo for the biomass that feeds the heater. This may make some noise if switched on.
  • Waste is to be deposited in the containers behind the house:
    • Green for packaging (metal and plastics)
    • Blue for paper and board
    • Grey for all remaining wast
    • Empty bottles are to be left beside the containers as they will be recycled separately
  • The light in the staircase remains on at all times, albeit dimmed during the night. This is for your safety such that during the night you do not fall off the stairs while looking for a light switch.
  • There are several wall sockets in the house with 12V USB ports. You can use them to charge you portables.
  • Behind the house there is a small barbecue. You can use it anytime you want. Please clean the grill after use.
  • There are no shops for your daily groceries in Hammer. The closest grocery shop is a supermarket at 3 km, near the church in Eicherscheid.
  • In Simmerath, you will find several large supermarkets such REWE, LIDL and Aldi.
  • Unfortunately, there are no restaurants in Hammer. We have made some recommendations for eating out in the area.


Charging of portables

  • Several wall sockets have 12V USB ports for charging electronics.

Washing machine

  • The washing machine can be opened from the top. Please sort the textiles by colour and fabric type before depositing it in the machine
  • We kindly request you to use only liquid soap or liquid conditioner without any perfumes.
  • After filling the machine with textiles and soap, close the lid.
  • Please select the appropriate programme (please ask for assistance if you are not sure which programme to select).
  • Press the START button.
  • As soon as the cycle has been completed, remove the textiles from the machine.
  • We kindly ask you to leave the lid open for a while in order to let the inside of the machine dry.


      • Please only use pans which are suitable for induction stoves.
      • Select the field which matches the size of your pan.
      • The control panel for the cooker is on the glass plate.
      • Please do not put anything other than cooking pots or pans on the glass plate and certainly no plastics!
      • After use please clean with a soft cloth and washing-up liquid.


      • Please only use plates and cooking ware that is suitable for high temperatures.
      • Remove all materials that you do not intend to use from the inside of the oven before switching it on.
      • Select the appropriate programme and temperature.
      • Put the dish or tray with the food in the oven.
      • After you are done please switch the oven off and let it cool down before you clean it and put anything back into it.
      • Please only use soft materials and washing-up liquid to clean the oven.


            • Please only use materials (dishes, plates, etc.) that are suitable for microwave.
            • Open the door at the front and place your dish centrally on the revolving glass plate.
            • The plastic cover can be used to prevent splashing of liquids into the chamber.
            • Select the appropriate power and time.
            • As soon as the clock returns to zero the machine switches itself off.
            • Please be aware that containers can become very hot in the microwave!
            • After use, please clean the chamber with soft material and washing-up liquid.


            • Every room has radiators with thermostatic valves.
            • The living room and the bathroom have underfloor heating. In the living room the thermostat for the underfloor heating is right beside the dining table. The thermostat for the bathroom is right beside the mirror. The radiator in the living room is no longer in use.
            • We heat the house with solar energy and a fully automatic biomass plant. Please close the thermostats in the rooms you do not use in order to conserve mother earth.
            • Open windows and hot radiators are not particularly good for our environment!
            • We would appreciate you checking the thermostats before you leave the house. However, the underfloor heating is best left on.


            • All windows can be opened laterally and longitudinally.
            • In order to open a window longitudinally turn the handle 90 degrees (horizontal position) and pull the handle inwards. To close push outwards and turn the handle downwards.
            • In order to open the window laterally turn the handle all the way up to a vertical position and pull inward. This gives a gap at the top en of some 15 cm. To close, push the window outward and turn the handle all the way down.

                      Television and DVD

                      • In the event you are having troubles finding your way, please do not hesitate to ask us.


                        • Please use the containers at the rear of the house for your waste.

                                     Green for packaging (metal and plastics)

                                     Blue for paper and board

                                     Grey for all other wast

                                     Empty bottles are to be left beside the containers as they will be recycled separately

                        • In one of the kitchen drawers you will find plastic waste bags for the waste bins inside the house.

                          Telephone / Internet

                          • In case of emergency please call:
                            • 112 for emergency doctor or fire brigade and
                            • 110 for the police.
                            • You may also notify one of the neighbours.
                          • The WIFI transmitter is: Rurhaus. The WPA code for this transmitter is: H4mm3r10
                          • In the event you have problems with your email, please let us know. Some outgoing mail servers are blocked by the firewall

                          The terrace

                          • In the small bedroom upstairs, you will find pillows for the chairs outside.
                          • May we please ask you to put them inside at night or when you leave, such that they don’t get wet.


                              • The barbecue behind the house can be used at your convenience.
                              • Please clean the grill after

                              House rules

                              The house is an officially listed German monument and is therefore subject to the protection, but also the limitations, that such a status brings. We have lovingly restored and renovated the house in two stages during recent years. A significant project, that has made this house one of the treasures of the Rur valley. We kindly request you to treat the house and its surroundings with care.

                              Please use the facilities and the house to your convenience while taking care of its heritage and surroundings. In the event that you find something is not functioning, damaged or in any other way not what may be expected, please let us know without delay, and we will do our utmost to mend it immediately.  Should you have any questions of any kind during your stay, or if you need advise on places to go to or eat, please do not hesitate to ask us.

                              We kindly request you not to feed the cats, nor any of the (wild) animals that come to the house. Pets are not allowed in the house.

                              We kindly request you to vacate the house latest at 10.00 am on your departure day. This allows us to get the house ready for the next guests. We preserve the right to charge you extra, for departures after 10.00.

                              Before departure, the house is to made ‘broom clean’, cutlery, chinaware and glassware is to be left cleaned in the appropriate cupboards. The dishwasher must be emptied and clean. Please empty all the waste bins and deposit the waste in the containers behind the house. Please empty the refrigerator before you leave.

                              At the end of your stay, the house is to be handed over to the landlord in a tidy and clean state and with the complete inventory as this was in place at the time of arrival. In the event you find that something is missing or not functioning properly you are kindly requested to inform the landlord. The tenants are liable for damages to the property and the inventory (e.g.: broken chinaware, damaged flooring, damaged furniture and fixtures). This also includes lost or damaged keys.

                              Please note that the tenant assumes liability for any other travellers in his party or any visitors invited by tenant. Damage due to force majeure is excluded. Extrajudicial use of the house, such as: subletting, more guests than permitted, violation of domestic peace, as well as staying in the house while the rent has not been paid, will result in immediate and unconditional cancellation of the agreement. Any rent already paid or due will not be reimbursed.

                              In the event the tenant is insured, any damage is to be reported to the insurance without delay. The landlord is to be informed of the insurer with contact details and insurance policy number.

                              The house may only be used by the person(s) who were stated in the reservation. In the event that more persons than stated in the reservation occupy the house, €8,- per night per person is payable. In the event that other persons than those who were stated in the reservation stay in the house, the landlord has the right to annul the contract without delay. Any rent already paid or due will not be reimbursed.

                              Upon payment, tenant automatically confirms agreement with the general terms and conditions as well as the house rules. Violation of the general terms or the house rules gives landlord the right to annul the agreement unconditionally and without delay. Already paid rent will not be refunded.

                              Landlord cannot be held liable for force majeure or the disruption of services and utilities such as electricity, heating, internet and water.

                              Wooden framework houses and fire do not particularly form a good combination. Please refrain from smoking inside the house and deposit cigarette butts in an ashtray. Should you decide to smoke inside the house, we shall be obliged to charge you € 200 for an Ozon cleaning.

                              Please do not burn candles but only tea lamps.